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Tornado Tjoons “Sappening!” in Durban

It's not every day that you'd hear about a proper tornado hitting Durban…but one actually did

At around 7pm this Monday 31st January, residents in Durban were startled by the sight of a full on tornado cruising along about 800m out at sea heading south towards the old Durban airport, pretty much checked like a scene from the old movie, Twister.

Luckily a person in Glenwood was quick to grab their camera and film it for our viewing pleasure…

Check it out…

Shame, the chick sounded like she was stressing bigtime :)

Big thanks to the person who filmed that, pretty awesome…

Like I said the other day, there's some pretty crazy shit going on with the weather over in the southern hemisphere, tornados in Durban, floods in Gauteng and the Free State, epic flooding in Australia, and if you were watching the news yesterday, you might have also noticed a little category 5 cyclone hit Australia and in some parts that were already devastated by the floods.

Pretty hectic I might say…

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