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Twitter Frenzy in SA Causes Hijacking Fail

SA Twitter went into a frenzy on Saturday that helped save a man that had been hijacked and stuffed in the boot of his Golf… howz this for an exampe of the awesome power of social media…

An oke was hijacked in his Golf in , on Saturday and was stuffed in the boot by the hijackers however thanks to him still having his cellphone on him he managed to sms his girlfriend who took to Twitter by tweeting “Be on the look for DSS041GP, my boyfriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT" shortly after a friend, @Tanisha_Reddy called out to the legend that is @Pigspotter who lent a helping hand by retweeting her tweet to his 100K + followers, like a boss!

Shortly after, this got private security firms such as , and on the case, who eventually managed to start tracking the location of his cellphone through his cellphone number (good thinking!)

Within two hours of the first tweet hitting Twitter the hijackers drove straight into a road block set up by the cops 250km's from Honeydew on the N1 in the Free State near , however these wastes of space did manage to flee the scene on foot but luckily the victim was found in the boot unharmed, just quite obviously a bit shaken up by the ordeal.

I'd say thats great work by all involved if it wasn't for the crucial input by those involved, its doubtful this would have had a happy ending… so huge well done to all!

It's just a bit kak that they got away and didn't get fully owned…

I'd say thats an epic win for social media!

[Life Is Savage, IOL]

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