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Two And A Half Men Making Big Waves On Britain’s Got Talent

If you've been watching this years Britain's Got Talent you may have noticed a familiar South African accent in one of the dance acts... that's because one third (or 0.5 for that matter) of Two And A Half Men is none other than Patrick Bauristhene, a Durban local!

I love it when fellow Saffa's go out and do awesome things, and even more when it's someone that I actually know, you always feel a sense of pride when you're sitting here in London and you see a fellow Saffa on TV representing. Some of you from Pinetown will no doubt remember Patrick busting it on the dance floor at the original PharSide nightclub every weekend, he certainly had awesome talent then and after following it through all these years, him and his team mates have managed to dazzle the judges of this years Britain's Got Talent contest.

I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of TV Talent shows, but it all becomes a total different story when its someone you know and you have a good idea into just how much work has gone into doing what they do. From their very first audition, Two and Half Men have wowed the Hoff, but the rest of the judges and the entire crowd. Their act is somewhat unique in the sense of being a very feel good comedy dance act which is driven by the music itself and this winning formula has got them into the live semi finals for tonight show so best you check it out

Check out their full first audition here (sorry embedding was disabled so click the link to view the video)

also check out their interview on "ITV This Morning"

The boys have made it through to the live semi finals for tonight's show so check it out and above all, support them by giving them your vote! it's the right thing to do 🙂

Also look out for an interview with myself and Patrick coming up in the very near future where we'll get the full scoop on his journey that has become Two and a Half Men and the Britain's Got Talent Experience!

Make sure you check out and "Like" their FaceBook Page called 2 'n a Half Men to see what they are up to!

So remember.... ITV1 tonight at 7:30pm! Do it! Do it! These boys need your vote! Big Shove!

GO BOYS!!! Best of luck!

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