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Two Aussie Blokes Disrupt Robbery…Remove Keys From Getaway Car [video]

[Warning: Ear Muffs (Strong Language)]

 Two Aussies lads disrupt a robbery in progress by stealing the keys to the getaway car while the robbers are in building.

James Ross-Munro and Kane Wiblen were walking petrol station in Gold Coast, Australia when one of their slops broke, moments later they spotted a car pull up to a restaurant called Oporto Arundel. Two guys got out and started to break into the establishment,The two boys were clearly having none of it, so they approached the scene and Ross-Munro simply removed the keys from the getaway away car which was later confirmed to be stolen.After attempted to call for police, the robbers ran out of the building and attempted to get away in the car... however as if it were a scene from a Leon Schuster movie, they were going absolutely nowhere.After the driver made a run for it, Ross-Munro managed to climb over the drivers seat and give the passenger a few smacks before he too bailed and legged it down the road.In Ross-Munro's own words from his Facebook profile, "I chased them but because I'm fat they got away."Ross-MunroEventually, the cops rocked up and it is reported that they have one person in custody looking for more info.Ross-Munro concluded the evening's events with the following line"Nothing says an awesome Friday like beers, mates, laughs, oh and this burger shop robbery gone to shit."Lads, that was legendary! Top shelf salute... flipping nice work 🙂Check this news report from 7 News on the incident:
www.facebook.com/7NewsQueensland/videos/1095778020435049/">EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with one of two unlikely heroes, who filmed the moment they thwarted an attempted robbery on the Gold Coast. READ MORE: http://yhoo.it/1nrO9v4#7NewsPosted by 7 News Queensland on Saturday, January 23, 2016

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