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Two tickets to Invictus up for grabs! Courtesy of HMVCurzon!

I have a pair of tickets up for grabs for Invictus, soon to be showing at the new luxurious HMVCurzon Cinema in Wimbledon! 

The widely anticipated Rugby World Cup 1995 movie, Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar and Morgan Freeman as Nelson  Mandela, is soon to be released here in the UK on the 5th February and it shall be showing at the new state of the art HMVCurzon Cinema in Wimbledon.

The HMVCurzon gives going to the movies a whole new unique experience, with cutting edge BARCO digital projectors and a state of the art sound system designed by Munro Acoustics. One thing that I find pretty schweet which I'm sure many of you lot will too, is that their screens are fully licensed, so you can enjoy a drink and snacks during the movie from their very stylish bar which stocks a Berry Brothers Wine List and the best lagers around... plus free Wi-Fi just incase you want to check out what's happening on PharSide before you watch your movie of choice. Check out all this awesome new cinema experience has to offer at http://www.hmvcurzon.com, it looks phenomenal and I seriously doubt you'll have the usual distractions that you experience at any normal cinema whilst you're trying to enjoy your movie.

In order to win the pair of tickets to Invictus, you will need to make sure that you are a fan on the PharSide Fanpage on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pharside.co.uk as this only open to fans of PharSide. Secondly you will need to email me the correct answer to the following simple question to be inline to win....

What position did James Small play during the 1995 World Cup Final?

Here's a clue.... Google is your friend 🙂

Email your answers to [email protected], subject header: Invictus Compo

But it doesn't stop there, I also have a 2nd prize of a pair of tickets to "Mugabe and the White African" showing this weekend at the HMVCurzon, which definately sounds very interesting.


Dir: Lucy Baley & Andrew Thompson, UK 2009, 90 mins.

A disquieting documentary following the experiences of Michael Campbell, a white farmer who...stood up to Robert Mugabe’s violent campaign of forced land reclamation. Refusing to back down in the face of intimidation, Campbell challenged Mugabe at the South African Development Community’s international court. Filmed covertly, this documentary provides a rare first-hand look at life under Mugabe’s dictatorship.


Please Note: The pair of tickets for Invictus are valid from Monday 8th February 2010.

Due to limited viewings, tickets for "Mugabe and the White African" are valid for the following dates and times,

  • Saturday 6 February: 10.45am & 1.00pm
  • Sunday 7 February: 1.00pm

Entries close at midnight on Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Winners will be announced on PharSide.co.uk on Wednesday 3rd February 2010

You can also book tickets for any movie being shown at the HMVCurzon at http://www.hmvcurzon.com/

The new HMVCurzon is situated on Wimbledon Broadway literally a few steps down from Wimbledon Station, for directions and map, please see http://www.hmvcurzon.com/

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