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Tyla Rattray Crashes Ending His 2012 AMA Supercross Championship Run [VIDEO]

South Africa's Tyla "Ratters" Rattray was involved in a bit of a hectic crash over the weekend that very disappointingly appears to have ended his AMA Supercross Championship run, after leading the circuit earlier this month...

The accident occured on Saturday at the Overstock Stadium in Oakland, California where during the qualifier, Ratters came over a triple then connected his front wheel on the third causing him to get thrown over. He lay motionless in the middle of the track for a few seconds but thankfully moments later you could see him moving. Although the race was not stopped, marshalls moved in with yellow flags directing riders to the side before paramedics pulled in at the end and carted him off.

Tyla, who rides for Monster Energy Kawasaki, suffered a massive concussion and a small fracture to his C7 vertebre which sounds hectic enough, but thankfully according to his missus, Samantha on Facebook, it isn't going to require surgery, however it does mean he'll be out for some time, which means he'll miss out on the championship,  it's a real shame to have a set back like this for someone like him who just keeps getting better and better in every aspect of the sport from what I follow, you'll remember he owned the Motocross World Championship before moving to the states to tackle the next level. The boi is no stranger to danger since although I'm not huge mates with him, unlike my boi's Jeff "Fai$al 1" Cox, Gareth Harris, John Champion (check out John's MX site here) and Blaine Pienaar, to name a few, the first time I met him when we were on a night out in London a few years ago, he was rocking on with his arm in a sling, as you do... so we know the boi is as hard as nails (remember, he's from Durban... nuff said 🙂 ) and it'll be no time before he's back on the "horse" doing what he does best... dominating the MX world.

Check out the video of the crash...


GET WELL SOON DAWGY!!! Sending big well wishes of support that side!

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