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U2 in Cape Town… A Panoramic View

U2 Rocked Cape Town on Friday Night for their last show on the South African leg of their 360 Tour

On Friday night U2 rocked the socks off Cape Town for their last show of the South African leg of their 360 Tour, and it just goes to show that a good bit of prep work goes a long way, although, News24 reports that it came dangerously close to being a dry concert due to licensing issues last week… EISH! reminds me of Party In The Park 2004… I only found out it was a "dry" concert after we entered the gates… not cool!

However in a Retweet by my boi, Bob Skinstad which was originally tweeted by Ian Neilson, Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, it was mentioned that a record 72 000 people attended the concert at the Cape Town Stadium, the transport system worked like clockwork, unlike the complete abortion that our friends in Jozi had to endure, and to top it off only one incident…. a woman went into labour, proving that U2's awesomeness can induce labour… Fact!

However one thing that did really catch my eye this evening was a little something that was posted on what I like to call, the inspiration behind PharSide, 2OceansVibe and my main man, Seth Rotherham…

Check out this AWESOME panoramic shot of the Cape Town Stadium on Friday night which was taken with nothing more than Seth's iPhone 4 and the Autostitch app… click to enlarge

Now that is a pretty damn schweet pic! Nice one Seth :)

Its a shame Durb's didn't crack a nod :(

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