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UK Now Sells “Mock Charge” In A Can!

There's some things in life that you may experience as a little kid that mentally scar you for the rest of your life... here's one of mine.

When I was a wee lad at boarding school in a little town called Winterton in Standard 1, us laaitjies were horsing around after dinner one night as you do, at one point one of my mates felt rather ill from all the jumping around and lay down on his side while quite a large amount of chunda started making an exit out of his mouth.... what had he had for dinner that night... Sweet Corn... and as it appeared, quite a substantial amount of it too. This was SA style sweet corn, ja that creamy stuff (gosh I'm mock charging just thinking about it) and that my friends is why all through my life I start gagging at the sight or smell of the stuff... no lies! I've always had a weary eye at braais, making sure it doesn't jump out at me, it's usually near the salad. Of course what didn't help was having a sister who was chronically addicted to the stuff, The Phreak would smash a six pack of Koo Sweet Corn easy!

Now since I've been in the UK I've found some comfort in the fact that these okes have no idea what Sweet Corn really is, they believe its what we know as, Whole Corn, and I can deal with that, I used to use it all the time as bait when I went fishing....the UK has been my safe haven....until now... It apears this evil stuff has found me and is being mass produced right here in England!

Much to my horror (and The Phreak's delight) she sent me this pic via WhatsApp after her little shopping spree at Tesco the other night...

I'm putting a contract out on this Green Giant oke!

Life will never be the same.... ever seen what a cat does when its about to chunda?... ja thats me with this kak!... full on! 🙂

Anyone know if they sell this in Australia? I may need to retreat there

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