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Valencia Discovers Apple Mac

Valencia Meets An Apple Mac [video]

is somewhat amused by the distorting app on the webcam…you will laugh your head off at this… even just with the audio… yoh! :)

A dude by the name of , shows his maid Valencia, some facial distortion features on his … hilarity follows… when Valencia discovers and

WARNING!: Make sure you’ve already emptied your bladder before watching this… if not, you WILL piss your pants :)

ahhhhh you’ve gotta love that, now that is one funny awesome aunty! :)

Check how Justin can hardly hold himself together while he’s canning himself laughing… don’t worry bru… I was exactly the same :)

YOH! YOH! YOH! YOH! YOH! hahahaha :)

Justin, that is legendary my bru! :)

[Thanks Dazzler]

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