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Video Footage Of Wingsuit Man, Jeb Corliss Crashing Into Table Mountain

Video footage of Wingsuit Stuntman/Daredevil Jeb Corliss crashing into Table Mountain... HECTIC!

If you aren't quite sure who Jeb Corliss is then take a moment to check this video of him entitled "Grinding The Crack"... it's pretty much the definition of awesome.

So now that you know who the phenomenon that is Jeb Corliss is and the insanely awesome things he does, he was in Cape Town, South Africa last week to perform a similar stunt off Table Mountain for a special for American network HBO. His first jump apparently went fine and a few days later he did a second jump, however this jump went horribly wrong and when you see the footage, you'll actually wonder how he thankfully survived, although he did land up breaking both his legs in the process.

After the accident he was airlifted to hospital although authorities have said he's likely to face a fine since he had permission for the first jump but not the second. I think it's probably the least of his worries to be honest since Jeb is a well experienced base jumper, and something that comes with that territory is that you often get arrested when you touch down. Apparently he once attempted to jump off the Empire State building in New York but was arrested before being able to, he was also slapped with a lifetime ban from the building which sucks cause I can honestly tell you, it's an awesome view from up there.

Check out the vid of the crash... and for those who get offended by words such as, fuck... *ear muffs* 🙂

Howz that for hectic? looks like he clipped his legs on the rocks before going into a tumble and plummeting to the ground, you can later hear him groaning in pain before being airlifted.

Jeb, all the best bro, I hope you make a speedy recovery and carry on doing the awesome things you do. With great awesomeness comes great risk, and you face those risks head on, full support bru! You're a frickin legend!

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