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Virgin Atlantic To Fly Direct To Cape Town From London

Good news! Virgin Atlantic will now be flying from London to Cape Town on their new non stop direct route...

Since SAA decided to cancel their direct London to Cape Town flight, its did leave quite a few people a bit miffed, if any of my Capetonian mates were anything to go by. The thought of having to fly to Joburg, go through all the rigmarole with border control, then run to catch your internal flight like us Durbanites have to do every time, would leave just about any Capetonian feeling rather deflated with a lot of sighing for added effect...Well, Virgin Atlantic in all their awesomeness, have come to the rescue to fill that gap and make sure you enjoy an uninterrupted journey from London Heathrow straight to the mother city so you waste no time in getting your well deserved holiday underway.You may remember not so long ago I made a promise that if the Sharks made it to the Currie Cup Final, I'd book a flight to SA for the game, well, if the Currie Cup log is anything to go by, I'd say it was a good time to start booking my flight since this is probably not something I could do or gamble on after the semi final. So as Virgin Atlantic is my chariot of choice these days since I had the pleasure of riding in Premium Economy and had the best experience I've ever experienced on any airline to date, naturally I was checking their website for flights. I checked the Joburg flights, and just out of interest checked flights to Cape Town, just incase Province somehow pulled a fast one on us, and this is where I discovered two new direct flights VS603 (Cape Town Bound) and VS604 (London Bound) which seem to start on the 18th October this year! A little bit of a Google later and it all made sense, its on like donkey kong.... Virgin Atlantic are now flying direct to Cape Town from London.Don't believe me?... this is a quick flight search I did on www.virgin-atlantic.com

So there you go, not just Capetonian's but anyone wishing to visit the mother city can now do so without having to make unnecessary stop overs in Joburg.

Pretty flipping schweet hey!

Now we do have the best of both worlds... Virgin to Jozi and Virgin to Cape town... take your pick

I'm actually going to be heading down to Cape Town for a few days during the week while I'm in SA to enjoy all the awesomeness that the mother city has to offer, as I do of course. Virgin Atlantic are the main sponsor for the  Rewind 80's Music Festival which takes place on 31st October at the Grand West Arena which features the likes of, believe it or not, 80's legends, Belinda Carlisle and Rick Astley, Nik Kershaw and more, yes you read that correctly, the real deal! It's bound to be a great experience! Here's hoping to maybe score a few tickets 🙂 hint hint, nudge nudge 🙂

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