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Wakeboarding In Alaska… [VIDEO]

A group of okes defy subzero temperatures and of course that thing most people have called, Sanity by wakeboarding over and around little icebergs...

If you've ever seen "World Deadliest Catch" you would have probably been informed of the short amount of time you'd survive in freezing cold water, unless you're one of those weird mind freak people that swim in those ice cold waters for "relaxation", but that doesn't stop these okes from enjoying a bit of play time...

The video is a teaser for a TV show called Catchin' Air by UpDown Productions where Andy Hurdman keeps himself occupied while waiting for the wind to pick up...

Pretty schweet hey!

As @SeanDLloyd said..."A legitimate excuse for sporting a small package" 🙂

That said, check my boi Fai$al 1's attempt to ride an iceberg on a trip to Alaska a couple years back while they were checking out a glacier...

Bit nippy there Jeff? 🙂

I swam in the Thames in mid February once in my boxers... the water was so cold it burnt! Not something I'd want to do again

[Thanks Sean]

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