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Wakey Wakey, Your Morning Scoop…

Giant Jellyfish Capsize 10-Tonne Fishing Boat - Giant jellyfish have capsized a 10-tonne fishing boat after its crew tried to haul in a net full of the stinging creatures off the eastern coast of Japan. - Full Story

Johnson saves woman from 'oiks' - London mayor Boris Johnson has rescued a woman who was being attacked by an armed group of young girls, chasing them down the road on his bicycle. - Full Story

Science chief backs cannabis view - The UK government's chief science adviser has told BBC News that he supports the former chief drugs adviser's scientific view on cannabis. - Full Story

Tangled web of 'Black Widow' case - Grandmother Betty Neumar has had five husbands, some of whom died in suspicious circumstances. As she awaits trial in the US over the death of husband number four, film-maker Norman Hull investigates whether the woman known as 'The Black Widow' could really have been a serial killer. - Full Story

Bid To Find Madeleine Using Social Networking - Social networkers are being urged to get involved in a new online campaign to find Madeleine McCann by spreading a video appeal around the world. - Full Story

Rats Shocking: Ad For Fake Drugs Screened - A hard-hitting new television advert deemed so shocking it can be shown only after 11pm has been broadcast. - Full Story

Kilimanjaro Snow May Vanish In 20 Years - The famous "Snows of Kilimanjaro" which cap Africa's highest mountain are melting so fast they could be gone within two decades, according to experts. - Full Story

Kristen Stewart And Nikki Reed 'Joke About Responding To Twilight Haters' - Twilight's Nikki Reed has revealed that she and co-star Kristen Stewart often consider responding to their online critics. - Full Story

Louis Walsh: 'John And Edward Can Win The X Factor' - Louis Walsh says John and Edward can win The X Factor, despite claims that they can't sing. - Full Story

Malema not above the law - Cronin - The government is investigating reports that controversial African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema threw his weight around after being stopped for speeding in Limpopo, Deputy Transport Minister Jeremy Cronin said on Tuesday.
 - Full Story

Broken finger sidelines Spies - Johannesburg - South African number eight Pierre Spies has pulled out from his team's European tour after breaking a finger at the weekend, officials said on Tuesday. - Full Story

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