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Watch How a 7 Year Old Girl Steals an iPhone

Watch this CCTV footage of how a young 7-year-old girl steals an iPhone in Restaurant in Johannesburg...but the more shocking part is who is telling her to do it...

A video has appeared on YouTube showing CCTV footage of a restaurant in Norwood Johannesburg, although the restaurant is not specifically mentioned, the YouTube comments for the video suggests that is could be a restaurant called, Schwarma Co. The video shows two women and a 7-year-old child sit down at a table in the restaurant, however with in seconds of sitting down, the 7-year-old girl is sent over to the table next to her to steal something out of a woman's bag which she has pressed between herself and the bag of the chair. The shocking thing is, that it's presumably her mother that is sending the child over to steal!What kind of person exploits her child in that kind of manner, teaching the child that its ok to steal. That woman deserves to have that child taken away from her, because there's only one route that child is going down through life, and it's certainly not a good one...Check this out...its all over in under a minute...So ladies... be a bit more on guard with your handbags...putting it behind you, out of sight is clearly not a bright move...What are your thoughts?

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