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Gun Wielding Thugs Assault Security Guards At Pick ‘n Pay in Benoni [Watch]

Gun-wielding breekers assault security guards at Pick 'n Pay in Benoni, start firing off shots in the store like lunatics... then get arrested by Police Task Team

Two fine specimens of Jerry Springer Show type persuasion, believed to be from the Benoni area, (although Benoni residents are most likely gonna be tjooning, "Nee f*k! Hulle is van Brakpan af!" ) appear to literally hit the roof, with a bullet, fired from a gun at Pick 'n Pay in Benoni... but not before dribbing a few security guards to blow off some roid rage, that was initially fueled when one of the okes spilled a drop of latte on his brand new Tap Out T-Shirt, right in front of a super hot binnet over at News Cafe in Bedfordview earlier, and then finding out that Pick 'n Pay had run out of stock of their favourite protein shakes, self-tan lotion and fake stick on tribal tattoos, rendering the okes in a bit of a kak situation to pull dolls at the New Years Eve Party at H2O... things weren't going too lekker for these okes,..nee, boet, the situation got lank tense bra...after all, they were so hoping to rather be down in Margate with all their china's, but it didn't pan out..Well just in case you might have believed that was true, that's not really what happened, but at the moment, full details regarding the incident are a bit scarce, so a satirical stereotypical course of events will have to do for now.What we do know is... from the video below and other sources, two rather useless sub-humans were halted by security guards upon trying to leave Benoni Pick 'n Pay yesterday afternoon (it is believed the store was closing, hence why the door was locked to prevent customers from entering the store), tensions escalated, a punch-up ensued, next minute one oke completely loses it, pulls out a Glock pistol, fires a shot or shots in the store, goes absolutely mental in some sort of raging fit that somewhat resembles that of your average raging lunatic English chav, after his football team just scored a goal. People start scattering and the useless idiots manage to flee the scene... only to be picked up later by police task force of course... but it doesn't end there...no, it gets even worse for these okes.As if things weren't already bad enough for these okes, when they were arrested, they were also found to be in possession of the firearms and...a rather a large amount of weed (see pics below), which as you may know, is unfortunately still illegal in South Africa. So these wannabe criminals (who clearly couldn't maintain any form of stability under pressure), their guns and sadly, their stash, were hauled off to the cop station for processing... shame...guess their plans for New Years Eve are somewhat, cancelled...Take a look at this video...
Now you've gotta ask yourself...if you were the judge in the court case that will likely follow this... would you feel comfortable knowing that someone who loses control so quickly like that and to that level, is actually running around with a gun in his pocket?...I'm guessing the judge will stare down at them, shake his head thinking, these bliksems are definitely a danger to society and it would most likely only be a matter of time until we have another case of  Oscar Pistorius "I thought it was a burglar in the toilet" type case on our hands... I mean, even he had the brains to discharge a firearm through and open sunroof of a car and not in the middle of a Pick 'n Pay... I mean, come now... how dof do you get? As jy dom is moet jy sukkel pal... 🙂A massive well done to the swiftness of the Task Team who nabbed these okes before the potentially hurt anyone else.... nice work chaps!Anyway, here's a few pics of the okes getting cuffed, (follow the next page links below) - more pics have been added of their entire stash... guns, weed and what appears to likely be steroids and a lot of syringes.

You see that look... that my friends, is the look of your New Years Eve Party plans drifting away from you at a rapid pace... 🙂 Jinne his binnet is not going to be stoked! YOH! 🙂

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