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Watch What This Bear Does To This Woman… [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when this woman waves out her car window at this bear...

If you checked out this mornings headlines in the Daily Mail you would have seen this and I bet you were just as shocked, but would you think its a good idea to wave out your car with your window down when there is a massive half ton bear only a few feet away and the only thing separating the two of you is what is clearly one times flimsy excuse for a fence?

These massive bears may look sluggish but they are anything but that... just ask my boi Fai$al 1, who was chased by a massive Alaskan Grizzly, which is apparently what this one is, on a trip to Alaska a couple years ago... he kaked!

Now check what happens when this woman decides to wave at the bear...

Bet you expecting the worst!?! haha 🙂 but yes, that just happened! 🙂

Apparently the video was taken at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington State which is a wildlife sanctuary for animals that have previously been used in show business which pretty much explains why the bear appears to have such good manners. 

The video is going viral unbelievable quickly, when I first watched it on Youtube it only had a couple hundred views, minutes later its already hit 42K which is mind blowing!

That was pretty schweet... this is obviously gonna do wonders for the sanctuary with the amount of people wanting to see the bear and get a wave, which is pretty cool cause a lot of these places struggle for funds keep them going.

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