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Whackhead and The Mull Oke

When days are stressful there is no better cure than to have a little squizz and see what our dear friend Whackhead Simpson has been up to lately... and this one along with all the rest deserves a post on PharSide...

Now in this fresh prank, Whackhead has touched on a subject that I'm all too familiar with... working in a call center...

When I first came over to the UK, I worked on a technical support helpdesk for a company called Evesham Technologies in Evesham, which built computers for the general british public and I shit you not, I can tell you some stories. People say I have the patience of a saint, well it was because of this job that you either mastered the art of patience or you would soon enough be hanging yourself with your telephone chord. To give you an idea, I once had to talk an elderly couple through a two hour reload of Windows with full driver install, over the phone... now did I mention that the elderly man was deaf and the elderly lady was blind, no lies, I'm sure you can now feel my pain. There was one thing that all us geeks learnt very quickly when we were there, and that was the golden rule of ALWAYS making sure the dumbass customer was properly on hold before launching into your very vocal tyrade of insanity... too let off some steam ofcourse, and never put your finger over the mic, they will still hear you! Many a techie has failed with this... not me of course, because I'm that good 🙂 

Now this is what this prank entales... not checking that the DFU (Dumb Fucking User) on the other end is in fact on hold...


Whackhead... as long as you have a phone and a mic... you will always make my day!

Check out for Friday's Time Bandits this week for more of Whackhead's ingenious pranks

Did I mention he's a Pinetown boy just like your's truly... no wonder he's awesome! 🙂

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