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I think this is a fail
I think this is a fail

What do you get when you cross Pap and Wors???

Just when we were getting over the beer packs I get sent this…. Seriously…. WTF! haha 🙂

This is on another level of Nuclear Fusion, this is a mutant experiment gone wrong, they are selling Frankenstein’s shit, this is something else I could describe however I really don’t want to make you hurl at your desk right now as it involves used domes, but if you see it, you’ll shit bricks! …..this is just weird…

I think this is a fail

Teenage Mutant Aborted Worsies :(

And from Pick ‘n Pay nog al… My question is this…. How on earth do you cook this without burning the pap to shit for starters?..and secondly, how do you cook it without the pap becoming so saturated with all the greasy juices from the mince to the extent that it is likely to make you chunda after the first bite?…. I may be wrong, can someone fill me in and comment below? 🙂

I’m trying to work out which is worse… Pick ‘n Pay’s Pap’nWors or ’s …. 🙂


Again… Only in SA 🙂

[Thanks Little Possum]

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