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What Do You Wear To A Presidential Dinner Party If Your Husband Is An “Angry Birds” Boss?

When your husband is a big shot exec at Rovio, the company that made, in my opinion, the most addictive game known mankind, Angry Birds (yes even my mom is a addict), I guess it's your duty to play the part... and that means everything down to a tee dress...

A few nights ago, Teija Vesterbacka and her husband who happens to be a top dog at Angry Birds maker, Rovio, attended an Independence Day celebration party at the Presidential Palace in Finland, where she rocked up in a ball gown that left no questions as to who the couple were, since it beared the unmistakable face of the red bird in Angry Birds. Amazingly enough, the dress was anything but something you'd find at the old Party Shop in Clapham Junction, it somewhat classy in the sense that she easily got away with it at a Presidential Party...  I imagine any of the other old ducks that have no idea what Angry Birds is would have been none the wiser.

See for yourself

And that my friends, is how you do Presidential Dinner Gowns... Like a BOSS!

And that is also how you become more popular than your husband on the back of his hard work... like a BOSS!

Although, judging by the look of this aunty... I reckon she is... THE BOSS! 🙂

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