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What does The Old Spice Guy and Mel Gibson have in common?

Well not much really when you look at the bigger picture, thank goodness, however if you've been in a coma or locked in solitary confinement for the last few weeks and not seen how the Old Spice Guy has social media in a frenzy along with Mel Gibson shocking the world with his well, quite vocal rants, here's a little update to get you up to speed...

Old Spice have launched an ad campaign which is completely rocking the internet and social media at the moment with "The Old Spice Guy". It all started with an ad which is so brilliantly well done that you'll find yourself still sitting in awe after watching it for the 20th time. The geniusness of the ad is its all done in one, yes one, swift sequence with very little to no computer enhancements... 

observe again and again

Haaibo! Ama-zing!

Don't believe it was all done in one sequence? take a look at how it was made here

Now back to me... since this ad was released, the Old Spice Guy has made hilarious video responses to questions and comments from YouTube and Twitter users... take a look at them here

Now back to me... pretty awesome stuff and as you can imagine, its doing wonders for Old Spice... yep, that same stuff you used to buy your grand dad for Christmas, just became cool 🙂

Now Mel Gibson on the other hand has not quite being basking in the ambience of positive popularity as our dear friend, The Old Spice Guy... nooooo!

Over the past couple week,s tape recordings of extremely vocal rants between Old Mel and his now Ex, have been leaked out over the internet  which has become bigger news than a certain oil spill near the US...

I don't believe any words I say could be more effective than you actually hearing Old Mel letting off a bit of steam... so here it is, have a little listen...

And then this one where he really loses it... mel-gibson-tape-2

I'll pause and what for you to lift your jaw off the ground....

I think that deserves a BIG EISH!... and we thought Tom Cruise had it bad after the "Couch Incident"... well I'll be surprised if we ever see Mel Gibson in a movie again, cause ain't nobody gonna want him in their movie after this.

Well, now that you're fully up to speed, you're probably still asking yourself,

What does the Old Spice Guy and Mel Gibson have in common?



Sheer utter brilliance 🙂

hahaha! 🙂 Somebody find the person who put this together and give him a fuckin award! 🙂

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