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What you would really hear if Britney did it “Live”

If there was a FaceBook Fan Page called "I Love Lip Syncing", its no secret that Britney Spears would be the owner, let alone just a fan. From lip syncing live on X-Factor a while ago to even The Jen and the Phreak attending one of her shows at the O2 about a year ago noting that she was blatantly miming, I guess it's safe to say its basically what she does...all the time...

Ok, Chris Crocker best you not read any further, I got this from my favourite daily read over at 2OceansVibe and just couldn't resist telling you lot about it. We all know that Britney Spears prances around stage doing cart wheels yet quite seemingly is able to do this whilst keeping her breathing at an exceptionally controlled pace and hooting down the microphone with studio quality vocals... I guess its only the teeny bopping 10 year olds that don't really care since they didn't folk out £65 of their hard earned cash for the shambolical experience... mommy and daddy did. Personally if I really wanted to be within 50m of ol' Brit, which is basically all it is, I wouldn't pay for it, I'd just find out which hotel she's staying at and wait outside (although this will probably eventually get me a 50m restraining order of some sort)... but none the less, this is what you would really hear if they turned her mic up during her songs as this was in fact recorded at a "live" concert of hers through her mic channel.

Makes you wonder just how much sound engineering actually goes into fixing her voice for her albums 🙂

I'm thinking... just a pretty face 🙂

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