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When Ballz Visual Radio Met PharSide LIVE

If you were listening to Ballz Visual Radio earlier you would have noticed someone familiar on air....

Darren Scott and the gang, aka Ballz Visual Radio in South Africa, gave me a call earlier here in London to have a quick chinwag about PharSide.co.uk and PharSide LIVE following some constant banter between the two of us on Twitter and of course the previous article I wrote about them.

Check out the vid from their Expatz section

Thanks guys! very much appreciated, I think its great that two online radio stations can work together to entertain and to bring more people to the platform since I believe online radio is where the world is moving to.

Remember guys, for top class entertainment, tune into Ballz Visual Radio Monday to Friday, 12pm - 6pm (SA Time) and then to wind down your weekend/kickstart the next week, catch PharSide LIVE every Sunday from 3pm - 6pm (UK Time) 

LIKE these two Facebook Pages and you will never ever, experience boredom again 🙂

Ballz Visual Radio

PharSide LIVE (new page dedicated to PharSide LIVE, but here you might aswell add yourself to the PharSide.co.uk Facebook Page aswell)

Catch you all this Sunday at 3pm! It's gonna be a cracker!

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