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Where in the world is Denzil? #1

A very good friend of mine by the name of Denzil Baynes, endured many a cold winter here in London... until one day he came up with a bit of a bright spark idea... he wanted to be a yachtie... and to cut a long story short, thats just what he did. For some time now he's been cruising the Caribbean and the Med... living the dream in every sense of the word... he also likes to keep us updated with his adventures, so from time to time Denzil is gonna give us a little update on where his ridiculously awesome life takes him.... a little inside look at life as a yachtie... prepare for part Uno... Enjoy 🙂

Currently I'm on a Caribbean charter which started in Naples, Florida... but first I'll tell you how this whole trip came about.

I left my last boat, Lady Kathryn IV, a 164ft (50 metre) Westport in Monaco in October of last year. My sights were set on progressing up the crew ladder as fast as I could to fulfil my ambition of becoming a Captain of a Superyacht. I spent 3 months in South Africa studying for my 200 ton ticket and endured many hours with my nose buried in books while sitting in the back Cottage at my parents home in Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu-Natal.
After what seemed like an incredibly fast 3 month stint I managed to enjoy a couple weeks relaxing with my girlfriend Lucy after hearing I had passed all my exams.

It was time to head back to America, Fort Lauderdale in Florida. A bit of background knowledge for those who don't know, Fort Lauderdale is the hub for all Yachties to visit Crew agencies, network and wait for the perfect job to roll in. I have family there so it eliminates the crew housing factor which is a huge expense saver when unemployed.
It didn't take long at all for Lucy to find a job, closely followed by myself. Matt, my brother, landed a month of daywork and is still currently employed on a short term contract with another yacht.

I was seeking a Bosun position, now a Bosun is typically the lead deckhand aboard a vessel, then there's 1st mate and at the top of the command chain is of course Captain. I had been getting calls all week from agents telling me they've put me forward to various B0sun positions etc etc, when out of the blue late one evening I received a voicemail from a Captain who'd seen my CV and was looking for a 1st mate. I thought immediately that it was a position a little out if my league however out of courtesy I called the Captain and he still wanted to interview me for the position. I accepted, met him the following day and within a week I was living aboard a 112ft Westport having skipped from Deckhand straight to 1st Mate!

I have just finished a 3 week charter in the Bahamas with the yacht owners, their friends and family. We left Naples, Florida, on the 16th of February with first destination being a members club called Ocean Reef which is based on the South East coast of Florida called the Florida Keys, near Key Largo.

We spent a full week here before heading 50 miles offshore to an island called Bimini where we were to stay 3 extra days. This was an unexpected duration of time due to 35 knot winds keeping us tied to our dock with 10 to 12 foot swell beyond the breakwater.

On the 26th of February we sailed into Nassau, the Atlantis mariner based in Paradise Island which is a smaller island connected by a large bridge to the Bahamian island of New Providence....you got that? 😉
We stayed here in Atlantis from the 26th of Feb to the 6th March which completed the first leg of our charter until the owners return again at the end of March. In the interim we will be sailing the "Ha-Sea II" down South to begin the next chapter... the Caribbean season.

Here's a little something to make you shed a tear or two 🙂

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