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Who Needs Tanks When You’ve Got A Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux… you aren't going to win a rebel war without one…

I was browsing the news this evening checking out all this kak that Gaddafi is in over in Libya, then something caught my eye…

Libyan rebels proving once again that you don't need armoured hummers and tanks to overthrow an army… a Toyota Hilux will help you get the job done, one time :)

Dig the new rebel canon styling mod :)

You might even remember an episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson mentioned something along the lines of, no rebel war is fought without the use of a Toyota Hilux

Here's a few more pics to back that claim :)

Check out the Tank mod :)

So if you planning on starting a war anytime soon, I guess you should put a Toyota Hilux as your chariot of choice on your shopping list

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