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Who Needs Tanks When You’ve Got A Toyota Hilux

… you aren't going to win a without one…

I was browsing the news this evening checking out all this kak that is in over in , then something caught my eye…

Libyan rebels proving once again that you don't need armoured hummers and tanks to overthrow an army… a Toyota Hilux will help you get the job done, one time :)

Dig the new rebel canon styling mod :)

You might even remember an episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson mentioned something along the lines of, no rebel war is fought without the use of a Toyota Hilux

Here's a few more pics to back that claim :)

Check out the Tank mod :)

So if you planning on starting a war anytime soon, I guess you should put a Toyota Hilux as your chariot of choice on your shopping list


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