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Nice Comeback :)

Why I Wasn’t At The Airport

As it turns out, our friend Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League threw a bit of a fanny wobble and went on a nice big racial rant as to why there were no white people at O.R. Tambo Airport to support and welcome home Ladies 800m World Champion Caster Semenya after her jog down the track in Berlin.I really don't get this oke to be honest, in the first few seconds of this video he bellows down the mic with "Down with Racism, Down!" and a few seconds later as if he was just itching to say it he starts going on a racial rampage.... what a knob!And this is the idiot that is inline for the number one spot at running the country one day... EISH!, ja, BIG EISH!Anyway, after all that I had to have a good laugh at the clipping from an SA Newspaper which is currently doing the rounds, there is just so much truth in it.... Julius = OWNED! haha 🙂Click to enlarge
Nice Comeback :)

Nice Comeback 🙂

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