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Why you should ALWAYS find out why the previous tenants “left”…

Just a few reasons why you should always ask a lot of questions when viewing a property that you are looking at renting as you might just uncover more than what meets the eye....

For every Saffa living in London, we are all too well experienced in the mission of looking for a decent spot, not all of us come over here with £50 000 in our pockets to slap down as a deposit on a house, because if you did have that kind of money to blow on a deposit, then its probably best you stay in SA and buy yourself a nice little mansion. So as the majority of us rent, we've all seen our share of dodgy shit holes that prospective landlords couldn't even expect cockroaches to live in.... lets just say, by the end of this article, you will no doubt ALWAYS request a new mattress or bed 🙂

We've all had our experiences where we've moved into an "awesome" spot and only then once deposits are paid and you've signed on the dotted line, you find out there's alot more that meets the eye, for example, the ridiculously noisy neighbour, Moby Dick upstairs that thumps around in her high heels on a wooden floor, the old granny downstairs who keeps knocking and putting letters through your door every time you let a slight fart slip out, even when you've used extreme stealth and precision, quite successfully muffling the thundering sound between your ass cheeks and the layers of cushion in your couch... don't laugh girls, you know I'm talking about all of you haha 🙂 Sadly its usually all these sorts of things that you only find out afterwards, unless you asked the right questions to the slimey snake err um I mean estate agent beforehand. He may not have to tell you everything without you knowing he's lying or not telling you everything, We've all fallen short of these problems in one shape or form, even myself a few months back where I couldn't do any recording for the entire time I was there due to the thumping sounds of peoples heels above.... but these are all very minor when you read what happened to my good friend "Joe" (not his real name, he's requested me not to mention it, you'll see why).... Ask yourself this question.... How well do you know the history of the place you are renting right now?

A few months ago Joe moved into his new place with his doll and it seemed like your pretty average rent, everything that met the eye seemed ok and nothing to complain about... yet... until the end of the first night of course. The very next day, Joe had to contact his landlord to ask him if he wouldn't mind changing the mattress since his missus had literally been chomped by bedbugs throughout the night. To Joe's surprise there was no hesitation and the very next day, the old bed was swiftly removed and a brand new bed installed.... all was fine over the next few months, however soon Joe and his doll realised that they needed a bigger boat, so they decided to move out. On the day they were moving out, the neighbour popped in to wish them farewell and noticed the new bed and redecoration of the place... the neighbour then went on to say how nice the place looked after what happened with the previous tenant. As you can imagine, Joe grew slightly inquisitive as anybody would and asked what had happened... well... howz this for a story.... The previous tenant was apparently attacked at the nearby train station and hit over the head with something, he made it home however he died lying face down in a pool of blood from the head wound... on the bed.... After a few days the neighbour noticed a smell coming from the room due to the door being slightly ajar from when the tenant obviously stumbled home injured and met his end. It probably wasn't a very pleasant site however the landlord did a sterling job at cleaning up the place however do you think he replaced the bed??? This is a landlord we're talking about, they'll cut costs even if it costed them there own mother's limbs.... Lets just say, I guess the well cleaned blood stain and bits of brain matter were on the underside of the mattress that could have passed for "other stains" if questioned.... now we know why those frickin bed bugs had such a taste for blood 🙂 

Luckily Joe didn't have to spend another night there, because quite honestly I couldn't have.

So... had any previous tenants being victims of a murder in your bed recently?.... 🙂

Got any tales of renting woe? the comment section is all yours... go wild! 🙂 

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