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Would you like a £100 Bar Tab at The Slug in Wimbledon?

PharSide.co.uk and in are giving away a £100 … so who wants it?

All throughout January I've heard people complaining that bucks is a little short thanks to most people getting paid early in December before Christmas, then having to deal with the long stretch til the end of January… So I thought I'd help the situation a little and give you a little pay day boost at London's most notorious Saffa jol… £100 can get you quite a decent amount of dops for you and your mates or an average weekend of jolling… come to think of it, thats 66 Jager Bombs during a £1.50 Jager Bomb Special! EISH!


So what do you have to do to get the £100 Bar Tab? Well its quite simple really…


All you need to do is go to the PharSide FaceBook Page and locate the following Status Update…

and if you read that, you'll pretty much have an idea what to do. So its quite simple really, the more people that like your "hilarious drunken moment" the more chance you have at winning, and at 9pm on Thursday 27 January 2011 we'll see who's got the most.

And for all those Saffa's in South Africa, join in and try win it for a mate over here in London, it's about time you guys paid us back for all those rounds we've bought you when we've come over on holiday with pounds haha 🙂

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