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X Factor Chav Kids Pack a Punch

For those of you who sat at home on Saturday night watching X Factor... firstly, what were you thinking? It's Saturday night for shit sake! but secondly, you're about to re-live an hilarious jaw dropping moment when two young girls walked on stage as seemingly sweet but left as full blown chav bitches...

Now lets just make one thing clear, I'm not a fan of X Factor, only the first few auditions where you see all the freakshows and remind yourself just how lucky you are to be of a sound mind.

Meet Abyssmal Ablisa, comprising of what now seems to be two ex-BFF's, Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker. These two clowns walked on stage giggling together in a rather annoying kind of way saying stuff like "We just, like, wanna live the dream," 18-year old Abbey said. "We just wanna get on the stage, be ourselves, show our personalities." and ja, it wasn't before long that they really did show those personalities... in full force of course...

Have a look see 🙂

Howz that for a chick punch hey! haha 🙂

Well my friends, there you have it, no matter how well you disguise a chav, they will always shine through 🙂

For some strange reason, I'm actually glad their mother's were there to see the disgraces they'd raised, they must be so proud 🙂 

I couldn't agree with Simon more...

Now that's entertainment, X Factor with a Jerry Springer "touch" 🙂

Simon!!! Simon!!! Simon!!!, does it have the same ring to it? 

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