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Xbox 360 Kinect

XBOX 360 Kinect… The Ultimate Toy… for chicks too…

I've never been a gamer type… that was until Saturday when I decided to treat myself and The Jen to a new Xbox 360 Kinect…

TV Games have never really appealed to me, I'd much rather be in front of a screen developing something, than be in front of a screen playing games. However a few evenings ago, The Jen and I were chilling in the lounge winding down from a long hard days work, when the Nintendo Wii Fit ad came on. The Jen instantly piped up and said we should get a Wii sometime. I saw this as blatantly saying, "I want a Wii for Christmas!" but thats when in the blink of an eye I made a crucial lifestyle changing comment… "Why do you want a Wii, thats like so two years ago, we should get the new Xbox Kinect cause you don't even have to hold anything… you are the control"… yip… epic fail, cause this triggered a little light bulb in my mind, because for the next few days the only adverts I noticed on TV were Xbox ads and "Call of Duty – Black Ops" ads and thats when I was sold, and I couldn't wait till Christmas 🙂

So on Saturday afternoon, Danger Boy and Myself went Xbox shopping. Since The PharSide HQ is a mere 4 minutes walk from outlets that sell Xbox's, and doing the typical guy thing by knowing exactly what the primary target was before even leaving the house, we were back 15 minutes later unpacking a brand spanking new Xbox 360 Kinect and a couple games. Now countless times I've heard of chicks buying their boyfriend's Xbox's for Christmas and Birthdays, only to be cursing it and utterly regretting the purchase fail shortly after, as as far as they're concerned, their boyfriend's are no longer in a relationship with them, but quite literally married to the Xbox… sound familiar girls? I knew the way to win The Jen's approval was not to come home with "the homewrecker" without one key ingredient… the "Your Shape" game, which is pretty much Xbox's answer to Wii Fit… as it stands, this was a win. I did however treat myself to another key ingredient in the mix… the highly acclaimed, Call of Duty – Black Ops, which from what I've heard, is pretty much Game of the Year 2010, naturally I had to check this out for myself… and all I can honestly say is… WTF!… If Xbox alone is a relationship killer… Call of Duty – Black Ops is quite simply put, "The Great Divorcer!" You will get sucked into this game and it will become your life… you will become… Mason 🙂 It's just that frickin awesome… I'd put my money down and say, if you want to get heroin addicts off smack… lock them in a room for a few days with nothing but this… they will come out smiling, true story.

So girls, it's quite simple, if you are looking for some, "me" time or tone those butt cheeks in the comfort of your own home, get your man one of these bad boys. And guys, pull out all the stops to get your paws on one of these this Christmas… you will NOT be sorry… wing it with the "we can spend time together playing the Kinect games" and the "Your Shape" game, but proceed with caution with this technique, you don't want your dolly to turn around and tjoon… "Are you saying I'm fat?" because then you are not getting it, end of story 🙂 Just a word of advice when buying an Xbox 360 Kinect… Kinect games need at least 6 feet of space between yourself and the sensor in order to work correctly… be prepared to re-arrange your lounge… although it turned out not to be a bad idea 🙂

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