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You Have Got To Try This Cocktail!

Over the last month , the bartender’s at Suburban in Wimbledon have been hard at work conjuring up the next instalment for the PharSide Cocktail Of The Month... and this is what they have come up with... it’s so moneysupermarket.com! 🙂

If you had any plans that didn’t involve heading down to Suburban this sunny Friday afternoon, then best you change them... cause trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

I was alerted yesterday by Suburban that after spending the last 31 days slaving away in a lab, the September PharSide Cocktail was ready. Naturally I had to go down there and give it a little taste, and oh my gosh! This is a winner of NOTE! Wait until you see what it looks like... you will start salivating 🙂

The September PharSide Cocktail is otherwise known as "The Carmen Sandiego", expertly selected by my main mo fo dawg, Steve

Possibly the most refreshing cocktail I’ve had to date, it’s got freshly cut lime and lemons and a few sweet cherries mixed together with cherry liquor, vodka, vanilla gomme and refreshing citrus juices, garnished with mint and a whole sweet cherry... don't you just want to let out a pleasurable little sigh and a moan at the thought of sipping on that?

Don’t be surprised if you see dolls down at Suburban provocatively splashing it over their neck and chests to cool themselves off because it’s just that refreshing...

Don’t believe me?.... take a look how delish this looks... imagine the refreshing taste of one of these right now after work...mmmm 🙂

So just walk up to the bar and tell the bartender that you're looking for the good stuff... The PharSide good stuff 🙂

I know where I’m stopping off when I get back to Wimbledon just now 🙂

Suburban Bar
27 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon
London SW19 3SG

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