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Are Social Media Social Experiments Doing Far Worse Than Good?

Social Media Social Experiments appear to be on the rise lately, but are these experiments or pranks, which are aimed at educating people causing a lot more damage than good? It's very likely that they are... here's why

Social Media these days feels as if it's becoming a broad spectrum sh*tshow of constant disagreements, strong hate fueled opinions being voiced on just about any topic you can possibly think of. The constant bashing of foreigners, races, religions and seemingly never-ending political arguments.If you haven't realized it yet, it probably won't take very long until you do. It's becoming virtually a given, that each time you look at your Facebook newsfeed you will notice some person hurling abuse at something in a hate fueled rant about current world events. A lot of topics which can be encapsulated into pretty much everything that Donald Trump stands for these days.And here’s the thing, those rants are normally something that that person has no control over, yet strongly disagree with it. The root of which buried deep down inside is, very simply, driven by fear. Just think about that for a second with the wide range of recent world events you have at your immediate disposal?It's almost as if they feel that the only way they have any sort of control over it is to vent their frustrations in the hope that their peers will support them so that they in some way, are not alone in feeling this way. They want to feel like they are agreed with in order to feel better.Now you may even look at this blog post as being something very similar, after all, I feel strongly about something and I’m venting my dissatisfaction for it, via social media, and out of the fear that I think that this sh*tstorm is reaching fever pitch and something bad is going to happen, if not already happening. Do I have control over it? No, but I do feel I’m being different as I aim to add a positive solution to it, but is my own perception of this sh*tstorm just as deluded as the next person? Do you think so? I’ll let you decide on that right now, question what I’m saying and weigh it up?… Now it's at this point that you may realize, that's exactly what people should be doing with everything they see getting posted these days before becoming part of the mess… Am I making a bit of sense now? If not, then discontinue reading as its unlikely you will feel a good sense of empowerment by the end of this post, which in most cases, should make people feel that because they'll be better armed.Now this is where things get more interesting.You see, most of these people who post these hate fueled rants and propaganda come across, in many cases, as someone who will believe just about anything that they read on the internet. People may label them as being stupid, having low intellect, gullible etc… but I’d say this couldn’t be further from the truth, why? because I think its safe to say that at some point in our lives, we have all been led to believe something that may not have turned out to be true... its called being lied to...which if we follow the stereotype, would label us all as being stupid, having low intellect, gullible etc.The word we are looking for here, which is a word that The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah likes to use these days in his stand-up shows which is… Conditioning.For those are aren’t very familiar with its meaning, here’s a few simple examples which should help you with that very quickly.The Nazi’s conditioned Nazi Germany through propaganda, making them believe they were or could breed a master race, and that jews were the maggots of the earth and should be exterminated, which as we know, is very much what they tried to do.Apartheid South Africa conditioned white people in South Africa to fear black people through forms of propaganda which made it a lot easier to oppress black people. I’m sure many South Africans have heard the old propaganda phrase that “white people will be driven into the sea” from back in those days. People were even lead to believe that all whites would swiftly be slaughtered within 7 days of Nelson Mandela’s death (or something to that effect). And yes, you can also see the blatant forms of conditioning that are occurring from the current government in its desperate attempts to stay in power. And do I even need to remind the United States about slavery and the decades of oppression that continued from that? Or how people were conditioned to believe that there were actually WMD’s in Iraq… Yeah, I'm sure nobody needs any reminding of that.Now those are experiences from the past that we can look back at as very clear forms of conditioning… but are we questioning how much we are currently being conditioned with what is happening in the world today?… the answer is very much, clearly not… because the result of which is very much exactly what we are seeing on social media today with this constant buzz of a headache inducing negativity.Now no offence intended to the older generation, the following is very much not their fault in terms of believing a lot of stuff they read, it was they way in which they were taught. Growing up without things like the internet and free society as we know it, they were very much conditioned to believe everything they read in the newspapers etc because it would be absurd to even entertain the idea that a newspaper was not being truthful since that was their primary role, to report reality. So they thought, but we know now what influence government-owned press had on its people. Unfortunately, this conditioning appears to still run thick in the eyes of the older generation and surprisingly very much in younger generations as well.Unfortunately in today's society, anybody who can think or type can produce an article which they can fabricate or bend the truth and make it seem believable and to their advantage for the wrong reasons, using very simple mental associations which rely on previous deep instilled conditioning to make it seem believable, and that all sense says that it must be true. In many cases, as with the way Donald Trump gains his support, notice he’s asking all the simple questions and providing all the answers at the same time, his answers get embedded within people's minds ultimately distracting from questions that people should really be asking themselves in terms of validity and integrity. (You'd have noticed this week how a lack of validity and integrity failed him in his own promo video)Now I’m not saying everyone needs to become a mad bunch of conspiracy theorists, I think those people get way to lost in their own questioning that they start fabricating their own outlandish ideas that are just as far from the truth. Kinda like when you are constantly worrying about something and your mind starts becoming your own worst enemy and you start thinking the absolute worst… and believing it.The truth is that a little common sense goes a long way with these things, its ok to question the validity of things and ask yourself, could there be more to this than I’m being presented with? If I share this am I helping the situation or am I just stoking the fire? As with a lot of these video clips, they’ve been editing and chopped up so you see only what they want you to see. The reality is that it is so easily done these days that anyone who has a computer with video editing software and a basic knowledge to do it can do it.Which brings me to the conclusion and purpose of this article…Just one example, is Youtube channel, Trollstation, which specialises is producing a range of social experiments which ultimately shock, want to see how unsuspecting bystanders react under certain stressful conditions, so in essence, very staged for those involved, but not for the members of the public in the video, so it comes across as very real. Now at the beginning of the video they state that it is an experiment, and you see it all get exposed as an experiment or prank at the end. But what happens with this is that some nutjob will download the video from youtube (very easily done), slice the beginning and the end off only showing the portion of the clip where it appears to be a very real, then in its edited instance creates a very disturbing seemingly real event, which yes, you’ve probably guessed, generates a huge amount of hate fuelled rage as you can very much see in the comments section of any of these videos that have been edited in this way, because people believe what they are seeing is real because they haven't learnt to question it. They aren't stupid, they are just conditioned not to, but I'm hoping this will help change that.Don’t believe me? well let's just take a look:
Trollnation Breast Feeding

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Here is the real video published by TrollstationHere is another example of a FAKE EDITED Version of one of their videosThe real video in its entiretyTheir videos seem to be constantly land up being edited like this.You see, the sad thing that happens here, is that for those who see the original video, probably give a little cheer, "well done guys, its educational " and probably forget about it within a few minutes after their attention is drawn to the next thing, but lets think about how it affects those who saw the edited version, who are probably still seething with anger and hate after seeing it and leaving their comment, do you think they forget about that in a few minutes?… highly unlikely, what will start to occur is that they will start making associations from totally unrelated instances like building blocks which will eventually, as in this case, form a label in their mind that Irish guys are dickheads which can only continue to spiral downwards. That is obviously just one very small example, but it can unravel a whole string of nonsense that has accumulated in their mind about people over time, stuff you’ll also notice in the comments that will have you sitting there shaking your head at and just thinking…. WTF…The problem is that all this f*ckery is a portion of something that creates or adds in a big way, to tons and tons of unnecessary noise that is becoming a huge problem in social media today, like we are constantly being subjected to on a daily basis. I am by no means saying that this is what causes all of it, but it certainly does add to it and can be corrected... other forms of such editing can be seen in this article I did recently regarding Mark Pilgrim and SA Idols judge Somizi, a lot of this can all be avoided through educating people and get them to start questioning these things more, which will ultimately create a better experience for everybody.They are brilliant at what they do with these social experiments but they may need to think a bit further into exactly how they are putting it out there and how easily it is being manipulated to cause a lot of damage to society on social media platforms. Something like a clear watermark saying “Trollstation” or something to that effect instead of the almost unidentifiable orange logo after editing currently being used, in order to make it a lot more easily identifiable, that would be a start and potentially make it unusable in a negative form.So in the immortal words of Forrest Gump... "That’s all I got to say about that" 🙂BTW, in case you’re asking yourself, “Gosh for sh*tsakes, did he have to say that in 1800 words?”Well done for asking… its great, keep that up and keep questioning things, you are obviously not as conditioned as others, that must make you feel a sense of empowerment in some form, but I will answer with the following question, “Would you think you’d be able to start unlocking strong chains of conditioning in someone's mind just by saying to someone… you’re conditioned, stop being conditioned?... That's like saying to a depressed person... just stop being depressed...

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