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Black Students
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Dear Black Students Of South Africa

Dear Black Students...An incredibly well written constructive and thought-provoking open letter addressing the current racial tensions that students in South Africa are currently facing at the moment.

A friend of mine, Michelle, addresses black students of South Africa who aggressively promote the current ongoing racial tensions that South Africa is currently facing in this piece entitled, Dear Black Students... The great thing, however, is unlike the many open letters floating around on Social Media which appear to do nothing but throw more petrol onto the fire, this is written in a very non-threatening,non-stone throwing, non-fingerpointing, non-arrogant,non-hating and non-aggressive way, serving some thought-provoking factual truths on a plate with a non-condescending friendly smile, in a very constructive and understandable manner... you're going to enjoy reading this.Dear Black Students,Here are some home truths you might like to learn about race, from the other side.You might not know, or want to accept, but your race affords you a morally superior position to white people. Your ancestors fought and won against decades of oppression. My ancestors were part of the oppressors. I will be forever labelled and belittled by this. You, however, will be given a huge amount of opportunity to right this wrong.
You live in a country where legislation has been written to give you this opportunity. That’s right, the very law of this country is designed to give you a step up. It is the very same legislation that discriminates against me because of the colour of my skin and is designed to put me last.In your corporate career, you will be catapulted into more and more senior positions, as businesses aim to meet their BEE requirements. No matter how hard I work, no matter how much I study, no matter what I do, the colour of my skin will always put me second to you.You will get a bursary before me. Banks will loan you money before me. Your boss will give you further training and I won’t get the same. You get this BECAUSE you’re black.You talk about white privilege as though it is something afflicting you daily. A guy on Twitter tweeted about how the cashier in the shops doesn’t greet him because he’s black. Here’s the thing, ‘she / he ‘ doesn’t greet anyone, because it’s a sh*t job and they’re generally unhappy doing it. It’s not a race thing.Open your eyes to a country that is designed to give black people an opportunity, at the discrimination of other races.By pulling the race card, I believe you are undermining yourself. Race is not holding you back. The country is not closed to you because you’re black, it's quite the opposite.Make your parents proud despite their past. It's their past, not yours. Use what is given to you, today, to make something of yourself and use that morally superior, legislative step up, to lead this country!Michelle (@Corner57Hussler)

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