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Mandela and Mbeki

The Iraq War Began Because Bush and Blair Refused To Listen To Mandela and Mbeki

It's recently been revealed in a book by South African Journalist John Mattison called: God, Spies and Lies, that South Africa, more notably Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki played a massive role in attempting to persuade Tony Blair and George Bush not to go to war in 2003, however,

due to the failure to convince them otherwise, the invasion of Iraq went ahead resulting in a massive loss of human life since it still continues in 2015…Both former South African Presidents, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki tried in absolute vain to persuade Bush and Blair to believe that going to war to overthrow Saddam Hussein, would be a massive mistake…as we can see today… it clearly was.

So what’s the story with this?

The book claims (which according to the Guardian UK, has now been confirmed by Mbeki’s office) that he begged the two leaders to listen to the WMD experts advice, and even offered to become a go-between with them and Saddam Hussein in order to maintain a peaceful outcome.You may not be aware, but South Africa had some pretty good insight into the whole saga, because back in the day, in the 80’s. The South African apartheid government had its own biological, chemical and nuclear weapons program which was called, Project Coast. The programme was obviously done away with in 1994, however, Mbeki pulled the expert team back together to investigate, and make certain that the claims by the UK and the US governments, that Iraq had Weapons Of Mass Destruction, was, in fact, true, or not.Mattison writes,
"Saddam agreed, and gave the South African team the freedom to roam around Iraq no questions asked…. They had access to UN intelligence on possible WMD sites. The US, UK and the UN were kept informed of the mission and its progress”
Basically, the okes knew exactly where to look, and what to look for, because the very same team had been there years before as special guests of Saddam Hussein's when both countries were actually building WMD's.But I guess you can see why there may have been a tiny bit of a trust issue there at the time since they were all mates in the first place.The team naturally reported that there were no WMD’s in Iraq… which we obviously know full well now... the weren’t telling any fibs….no word of a lie.Mbeki even sent a team to the US to thoroughly explain their findings, and even he himself travelled to the UK to meet with Tony Blair to try drill it into Tony Blair’s head, that there were no WMD’s in Iraq. And as history shows, clearly Tony Blair had a bit too much of a thick skull for the message to get through in this case.And listen to this...as if Mbeki was some kind of Nostradamus at the time, he warned, that the complete removal of Saddam Hussein's Ba’ath party could lead to a national resistance to the coalition forces…Hello, wave and say “Hi” Islamic State… but really, for anybody besides the two numpties, it’s a case of no sh*t Sherlock.

Enter Nelson Mandela

The book states,
“Mandela, now retired, had tried as well. On Iraq, if not other issues, Mandela and Mbeki were on the same page. Mandela phoned the White House and asked for Bush. Bush fobbed him off to [Condoleezza] Rice. Undeterred, Mandela called former President Bush Sr, and Bush Sr called his son the president to advise him to take Mandela’s call. Mandela had no impact. He was so incensed he gave an uncomfortable comment to the cameras: ‘President Bush doesn’t know how to think,’ he said with visible anger.”
And so with a lot more toing and froing... and a helluva a lot more kak praat, the Iraq war began and still hasn’t really ended almost 13 years later, which has obviously contributed to the messy situation we have today with Islamic State. Obviously this cannot be ignored as being a massive problem which needs to be rectified asap… however when this is all said and done, should we be bold enough to say that maybe, just maybe... a proper enquiry into large scale crimes against humanity be imposed on Tony Blair and George Bush in their personal capacities (just like Saddam Hussein), because of the massive loss of human life the Iraq war alone has brought on. In 2013, The Huff published a death toll of 500 000, which if it's not nipped in the bud soon, could eventually give ol' Adolf Hitler a run for his money. I mean really? All this kak started with two apparent idiots that refused to listen, even when the truth was staring them right in the flipping face, and started a war on a very apparent invalid reason. Obviously the whole story is a lot bigger than this, but maybe, we should just give them, them? 🙂

But shame, Tony Blair did say sorry though guys…

In an interview last month, ahead of the release of the Iraq Inquiry, he apologized for the intelligence he received being wrong, which we now know was in fact… correct.Here’s the video where Madiba tjoons Bush has no foresight and cannot think properly... enjoy the 3 min history lesson 🙂[Source: The Guardian UK]

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