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Making the move. To move.

The choice to haul yourself permanently from South Africa to Great Britain is a monumental one. No matter the premise behind your decision, there are a million factors to take into consideration. I’ve consolidated a few of my own that I weighed up prior to bowing before UK Visas & Immigration.SA Pros (as a Durbanite):The weather. The diverse culture, languages, colourful lifestyle and heritage. R15 for a Savanna Dry. Umhlanga to Drakensberg in 3 hours. The weather. Braaing in winter. Domestic workers. Gareth Cliff. Rusks. Kings Park Stadium. Bunny chow. The weather.GB Pros (as previously experienced in the Isle of Man):Public transport that works. Service providers who work. Internet that works. Free health care that works (on a small Island in the Irish Sea. Can’t speak with too much knowledge re the mainland). Prince Harry. Amazon.co.uk. The possibility of snow in the back garden. Castles! Gareth Cliff is now on internet radio. Twickenham Stadium. Fish and chips.IMG_0164Right. The above may not include safety, job opportunities and cost of living factors, but we are all aware of their many attributes and arguments. I wanted to know that I’d simply be happy in my surrounds. Content. Thriving in a new homeland, and making a life that mattered within the British Islands.With a 33 month Spousal Visa in hand, I booked a one way trip and arrived in the Isle of Man last week. Having ‘lived’ here 3 years ago on a Visitor’s Visa, the place wasn’t altogether new to me. What was, however, was the constant reminder that this was now my home. My husband has lived here for some time already, and now I am to settle in as a resident of this cold, beautiful, windy yet magical little island with its vague indeterminate Northern English and lilting Irish accent. A proper fairy fridge, cats without tails, the oldest continuous parliament in the world, the birthplace of the Bee Gees, and the famous annual Isle of Man TT motorbike race. What a peculiar yet enchanting place to be.IMG_1333Quite a number of South Africans migrated like lemmings to the Isle of Man a few years ago when South African online gaming company Derivco set up an office in the main town of Douglas. Derek ‘the Bandit’ from 5fm lives on the island now but still plays on SA airwaves on 93.8fm mix.Within my first day, I’d found a FB page for South Africans living on the island (530 fans. Encouraging.) and we discovered biltong and droëwors whilst grocery shopping yesterday. At R150 a handful, but let’s not get bogged down with details.IMG_2562I mean, sjoe. It’s a mighty change and I expect waves of homesickeness. Just this weekend, I’ve been overwhelmed numerous times with the simplest of tasks.But I trust that I will adapt, evolve and flourish. Because if you’re a follower of Charles Darwin, that is what we were built to do.Written by: Amy Fisher.

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