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The Pirelli 2010 Calendar… EISH!


Now I know this is a little late but I can assure you that if PharSide was running as it is at the time, this surely would have been posted no questions asked. You know as they say though… better ...

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Victoria’s Secret Christmas Collection by Michael Bay

Check out the new commercial by Micheal Bay for Victoria's Secret Christmas Collection featuring our very own Candice Swanepoel One word…. EISH! Thank goodness YouTube doesn't have auto-repeat because I would be permanently hypnotized staring at the screen until the ...

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Candice Swanepoel – South Africa’s HOTTEST export by far!

Candice Swanepoel 1

Candice Swanepoel, recently promoted to Victoria's Secret Angel status is insanely hot. I'm finding it rather difficult to put words together after seeing pics of her. In my opinion, South African birds are the most insanely beautiful dolls on the ...

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Just a couple of facts about Megan Fox… nothing serious :)

Megan Fox Fun Fact 1

I just could not resist this, here are some interesting fun facts about the luscious Megan Fox, nothing too hectic, pretty random… but ja, I'm sure its gonna take you a bit longer than average to get to Number 10 ...

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