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Man Flung From Car In Hectic N2 Crash In Cape Town [Watch]


Watch as a dashcam caught a man being flung from a car in a hectic accident on the N2 in Cape Town A person driving with an increasingly popular dashcam caught an accident as it happened on the N2 in ...

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Easily Donate To The J9 Foundation for the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge


Here’s how you can very simply and easily donate to the J9 Foundation for the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge…and leave a personal message for Joost and the J9 Foundation Beneficiaries So after returning from my 624km Long Walk from Johannesburg ...

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Walking From Cardiff To London For Joost and MND


Next week I begin my walk from Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to Twickenham Stadium in London to raise awareness for MND in honour of Joost Van Der Westhuizen, Tinus Linee and Ryan Walker. On Monday 23 June, I begin my ...

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Why UK e-Borders Debacle Will Not Affect South Africans…Or Anybody Else


Following the ruffling of feathers of South African/British dual nationality passport holders with regards to the UK E-Borders system, here’s why it won’t affect you if you are a dual national passport holder… It appears there’s a bit of a ...

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Surfer Finds Out He Was 3 Feet From A Great White Shark Thanks To GoPro

2014-04-24 23:05:06 +00001

Surfer watches footage on GoPro and realises he was just a few feet from a Great White Shark…. While Filming an upcoming single “Stealing A Man’s Grill” by Brad Coder at El Porto Beach in California… Jack La Padura and ...

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Today Is Rex Manning Day!


Do you remember seeing the 1995 cult classic, Empire Records that had one of the most awesome soundtracks of soundtracks? then you will sure as hell remember how the movie was centred around Rex Manning Day… well today is Rex ...

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Worst Surfing Collision Ever Caught On Camera [video]

2014-02-07 07:29:24 +00001

Surfer gets smashed by another surfer… all caught on camera by a GoPro.. According to the video description, two beginner surfers collided in what has been dubbed the worst surfing collision ever caught on camera Can any of you surfer ...

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Give That Man A Bells Whiskey…The Reader

2014-02-05 07:20:43 +00001

Someone please give the entire team that came up with this powerful new Bells Whiskey advert a Bells… Its been said that this South African Bells Whiskey advert will kick most Superbowl Adverts into touch. You’ll have to see for ...

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I AM DURBAN… A Phenomenon Of A Time Lapse [video]


Durban, South Africa like you’ve never seen it before in incredible time lapse footage… We’ve all seen some pretty good time lapse videos over time and they always tend to fascinate. But this absolutely flipping incredible time lapse video will ...

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Kanye West Fight With Paparazzi in Austin, Texas [video]

Kanye West Street Fight

It appears Kanye West has finally completely lost it with the paparazzi when he was rumoured to be involved in a street fight with paparazzi in Austin, Texas this evening, 11 November 2013. The biggest question at the moment is, ...

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