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Why The PS4 Will Kick The Xbox One Into Touch


There are plenty of people debating the strengths and weaknesses of the PS4 versus the Xbox One online but for once there is a clear difference between them- the new Xbox is the clear loser. Make sure you get insurance ...

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The Full “Know Your DA” Video Is A Must See… Watch It Now [video]


The “Know Your DA” Campaign was launched just over a month ago and gathering a lot of steam, two days ago, a full video telling the story of remarkable people who fought against apartheid which has resulted in the DA ...

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Drunk Ranger Charges Elephant Bull Video… Ranger Admits To Idiotic Act


Video of Drunk Game Ranger Charging an Elephant Bull that went viral has put his hand up…. have a listen to this… Ok so a few days ago, the internet was blazing with comments about a video that had made ...

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Commander Chris Hadfield Records Space Oddity From the International Space Station [video]

Chris Hadfield

Commander Chris Hadfield has become the first person to record a song in space with his revision of David Bowie’s Space Oddity whilst on board the International Space Station If you’ve been following Commander Chris Hadfield on Twitter for some ...

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Marky Gets Interviewed On Guy Breakfast On Good Hope FM


Check out my interview with Guy McDonald during the Guy Breakfast Show on Good Hope FM talking about some past projects and mainly about a great new project I’m working on! So I’ve just recently returned from a recent 3 ...

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Thieves Blow Up Cash Machine… In A Petrol Station…[video]


Robbers blow up a cash point at a petrol station… it seems they probably didn’t take into account the size of the blast… right next to the petrol pumps…Check this CCTV footage So its 4am on Easter Sunday in Weyhill, ...

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Ballistic B.J. Baldwin Shunts Monster Truck Through Desert At 150mph [video]


Ballistic B.J. Baldwin cruises through the Mojave Desert in a Monster Energy Monster Truck… at, wait for it… 150 flipping mph! With added Nissan Skyline GTR and a few hot birds for good measure…  this is ridiculously awesome! Right so ...

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Pole Smashes Through Bus Windscreen, Just Misses Driver… HECTIC! [video]

2013-03-27 01:41:50 +00001

A Chinese bus driver has been hailed a hero after somehow managing to stop the bus after a massive lampost smashes through his windscreen! you have to flipping see this! Unbelievable! Onboard camera footage on the bus shows bus driver ...

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UK Man Killed During Fight After Rugby Game At Kings Park, Durban


Durban Police are investigating the death of a UK citizen who was killed during a fight after the Sharks vs Rebels Super Rugby game at Kings Park on Saturday night… We’re bound to hear a lot about this in the ...

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Great White Shark Gets Through Cage During Shark Cage Dive [video]

Shark Cage Plummer

Although Shark Cage Diving seems rather dangerous and a bit of an adrenaline rush, it is a rather safe sport… well most of the time… check how this Great White Shark got through the cage while divers were inside the ...

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