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Accident Happens During Interview On Bad State Of Roads [video]

2014-02-07 09:52:35 +00001

Sometimes timing can be everything… as the people involved in this road side interview in South Africa with North West MP’s found out…this is PRICELESS! Following frequent complaints from the people of the North West province in South Africa, about ...

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Why You Should Think Twice About Posting Your Phone Number In Public Places


Here’s just a few hilarious reasons why you should maybe think twice about posting your mobile number on posters and adverts… These are some of the most hilarious TXT/SMS pranks you will ever see…. EVER! Warning! Not advisable to read ...

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The Kreepy Krauly Wrangler… This Is hilarious! [video]

2013-11-07 07:29:18 +00001

 For decades the Kreepy Krauly has been hunted by the Kreepy Krauly Wrangler whilst it has been on its quest for world domination… Lets take a quick look into the origin and discovery of this creature we know as The ...

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Drive Thru Skeleton Prank..Hilarious [video]

2013-10-03 01:08:17 +00001

Check how this skeleton driver pranks scares drive-thru employees like crazy.. Magic Of Rahat as he calls himself on his channel, is quite well known on YouTube for his Headless driver pranks that he pulls on Drive Thru Employees amongst ...

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Is This The Best Resignation Video Of 2013?

2013-09-30 23:43:36 +00001

Check how this girl quits her job by making a dance video for her boss… There comes a time when you realise that the 8 hours you’re spending doing your job, is 8 hours that you absolutely hate, and when ...

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Jerm Reads News24 Comments [video]

2013-09-30 23:13:54 +00001

Jerm reads us a few top notch comments posted on News24, wow! there are some real gems out there It appears that  South African Cartoonist, Jerm and I have something in common… let’s just say that when you’re having a ...

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BatDad is BOSS!


If you haven’t seen him yet, its about time you met BatDad…this guy has a somewhat unique parenting technique that is all sorts of hilarious… BatDad takes being a father to another level in a very unique kind of way…by ...

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Peripheral Vision Bender


Check how this messes with your eyes by screwing with your peripheral vision… I saw this floating around Facebook last week and its pretty flipping weird what happens… take a look at the pictures of faces flashing up, they seem ...

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Three Pony Dance Advert… The Sequel


You know the unbelievably awesome Threee Mobile Pony Dance ad thats been doing the rounds? Well it appears there’s a sequel… check it out! hahaha well I guess it’s safe to say that was a pretty well done parody that ...

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Is This The Funniest Cat Video You’ll Ever See? [video]

Shocked cat

We’ve all seen some pretty funny cat videos over the years, but is this the funniest cat video on the internet at this very moment?… I was watching some random videos on Facebook the other night and then I got ...

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