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Only in SA

Accident Happens During Interview On Bad State Of Roads [video]

2014-02-07 09:52:35 +00001

Sometimes timing can be everything… as the people involved in this road side interview in South Africa with North West MP’s found out…this is PRICELESS! Following frequent complaints from the people of the North West province in South Africa, about ...

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Hitching A Ride… SA Style… Number 2

Hitching A Ride SA Style

You know its been a while since we’ve had an Only In SA” chuckle on PharSide… and then in one day I spot not one, but two instances of the phenomenon… Yesterday, my friend Melody was driving near Killarney Gardens in ...

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Jacob Zuma Plugs Daughter’s Sitcom Via Presidential Twitter Account


Oh no he didn't? Yes he did… SA President Jacob Zuma just punted his daughters sitcom on DSTV tonight via the Presidential Twitter account… Check this out Now at face value that seems like a pretty innocent tweet, however it ...

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Riding With No Pants On The Gautrain… A Bit Of A No No

No Pants Subway Ride

Commuters on the dashing new Gautrain in Joburg were in for a little bit more than they bargained for when a group of people decided to pull their pants down… but it turns out that the pant droppers got a ...

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Checkers Staff Notice… Got Teeth?

Checkers Teeth

Apparently staff at a Checkers Store in Cape Town were greeted with the following notice one morning… Now to be quite honest, it's no surprise that this was found in Cape Town, why? because a large portion of the local ...

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Lady Gaga of Brakpan

Lady Gaga Bacon

There's been a tremendous amount of hype lately surrounding Lady Gaga and her "Genuine Bacon" Bacon outfit… Well here we have South Africa's own Lady Gaga "Boerewors Meisie" or Brakpan Lady Gaga… Well incase you have no idea what I'm ...

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101 Uses For Your Vuvuzela


So the Soccer World Cup seems like a faint distant memory, just like the sound of Vuvuzelas… I guess this brings up the question, where is your Vuvuzela? In fact, where the hell are my Vuvuzelas come to think of ...

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Girl Farts Live on National TV… SA Idols 2010

Idols Fart

It's not everyday that you get to go on national TV to audition for Idols South Africa, so the experience itself would probably be quite unforgettable for most people, however for one certain young lady, this experience is no doubt ...

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Simba seems to follow Walkers with weird flavours

Walkers Fish and Chips

Not long ago you may remember when Walker's brought out some really odd flavoured chips…  You'll remember that "Builder's Breakfast" was voted as the best flavour which they said they'd keep… It seems Simba is following suite as if good ...

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Blou Bulle Fan Goes Just a Touch Over The Line

Blou Bulle House

I don't think there's ever been a Blue Bulls game where their fans haven't gone all out and beyond extreme, as if there was a grand prize of a kiff new 4×4 Toyota Hilux bakkie for the most over the ...

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