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Only in SA

New Green Mamba Low Profile Tyres!


I've said it a million times but I'll say it again… I thought I'd seen it all… until now… Check this kiff new brand of low profile tyres spotted in a parking lot at OR Tambo Airport in Joburg.  The brand ...

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You know you are flying SAA when….

Flying SAA

Now I don't really like posting email joke forwards up on PharSide since most people have already seen them and its not fresh, but I got this one today that honestly made me chuckle at my desk for quite a ...

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Kulula gets a new paint job…


Check out the new paint job on South Africa's low-cost airline Kulula.com You've gotta love this South African touch, which as you know is a break from formality with two tablespoons of humorous touch. Apparently it was quite a bright ...

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South African Valentines Cards

Well okes, I hope you have got your act together because Sunday is Valentines Day… and lord help you if you forget to get your doll something for Valentines Day… you will without a doubt experience the result of two ...

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New Ford Courier Drifter 5 Tonner Bakkie spotted!

Ford Courier Drifter 2

Check out this new SA Model Ford Courier Drifter 5 Tonner Bakkie spotted apparently cruising along towards Limpopo… absolute truth that they really are "Built Ford Tough"… Well sweet mother of I don't know… how this oke actually made it ...

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Pic of the week – World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 - We are ready

Oh the irony "EISH, but I am too tired, so I relex in my prem trolley" I wonder if he rocked himself to sleep by pushing himself back and forth [thanks Ma]

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Hitchin a ride… SA Style

Man spotted clinging to the back of a truck down the N1 in Cape Town You've got to laugh at the stupidity of this Evil Knievel wannabe, this dude was spotted clinging to the back of a truck going down ...

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More South African ID Book Fails

Mr. Two-Rand

More odd names in South African ID Books are surfacing Its seems to be a common occurance these days where humorous scans of South African ID books are being passed around, and to think these are only the ones you ...

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Sowetan Bring and Braai

Looks like that goat is holding on for dear life :)

Sowetan bring and braai…. you doing it wrong What can I say… only in SA

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What do you get when you cross Pap and Wors???

I think this is a fail

Just when we were getting over the beer braai packs I get sent this…. Seriously…. WTF! haha This is on another level of Nuclear Fusion, this is a mutant experiment gone wrong, they are selling Frankenstein’s shit, this is something ...

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