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Woman Has A Little Too Much Fun With Face Warp [video]


This will honestly have you in stitches… this woman has a little too much with her face warp app… This honestly made my day… remember the previous post of Justin Woods with Valencia… well my mate Rachel posted this on ...

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Valencia Meets An Apple Mac [video]

Valencia Discovers Apple Mac

Valencia is somewhat amused by the distorting app on the webcam…you will laugh your head off at this… even just with the audio… yoh yoh yoh yoh! A dude by the name of Justin Woods, shows his maid Valencia, some ...

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The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012 [video]

Girls Fail

Here’s a little something that should chase away those Monday blues and put a little smile on your face… The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012 Well yes, its yet another Monday morning and back to the grind stone… oh and just ...

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The Fish And Chips Ad That The SABC Banned… [video]


This is the Fish And Chips Company ad that the SABC refused to air… Dinner time with the Zuma family at Nkandla Take a look at this here advert that was created for the Fish and Chips Company which shows ...

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Is This The Best Prank In History? Scary Ghost Elevator Prank… [video]


We’ve all seen some good pranks, and we’ve all seen some lame pranks, but this Evil Scary Ghost Elevator prank is quite possibly the best prank ever performed… and you’ll see just why… DO NOT TAKE A SIP OF YOUR ...

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Hitching A Ride… SA Style… Number 2

Hitching A Ride SA Style

You know its been a while since we’ve had an Only In SA” chuckle on PharSide… and then in one day I spot not one, but two instances of the phenomenon… Yesterday, my friend Melody was driving near Killarney Gardens in ...

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25 Reasons Why We Love South Africa: Reason #2… We Know The Words To Our Anthem [video]

Nando's Reason #2

Nando’s release their own Reason #2 ad in their  25 Reasons Why We Love South Africa 25th Anniversary Celebration campaign… this is a must watch… actually not must… You HAVE to! We Know The Words To Our National Anthem…. Nkalakatha of ...

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Tokoloshe On The News… Brought to You By Tivvit.com [videos]

Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe

Remember the Real Amateur footage of Tokoloshe On The News… there’s more to it… Last week the interwebs went a bit bosies with footage that I posted of The Tokoloshe On The News… it was nothing but hilariousness how the ...

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25 Reasons Why We Love South Africa: Reason #9… Nando’s Athletes Ad [video]


Nando’s celebrate their 25th Anniversary (shoo, that long already!) by keeping things 100% South African (or Saffa as we like to say it over here), and what better way than to ask the public, what are the 25 best reasons why we ...

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Real Tokoloshe Caught On Video… Made TV News [video]

Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe

Evening TV News in South Africa interviews guy who says he caught The Tokoloshe in his house and managed to catch video footage of it with his cell phone… You see some funny stuff that comes out of Africa, but ...

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