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World Cup 2010

Nando’s Offers Paris Hilton a Better Joint

Nandos Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton pops into SA, contracts a bit of Football Fever, apparently has a few hits of South Africa's finest and gets bust… As you probably VERY well know, Paris Hilton has been a pretty keen spectator during the World ...

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Fabio Capello Unveils The New England Football Jersey

New England Football Jersey

Fabio Capello recently unveiled the new England Football Jersey featuring some brand new proud sponsors… Petrol giant, Total Fashionable, FCUK and delivery specialists, UPS    The Football Association today proudly unveiled Total, fcuk and UPS as the new sponsors of ...

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And it starts… Out of Africa… A Fabio Capello Film

Out of Africa starring John Terry and Wayne Rooney

We're bound to see many of these reaching the surface in the coming days while the England Replacements are in deep kak… Check this "Inevitable Production", Out of Africa, starring none other than John Terry and Wayne Rooney… Well not ...

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Nando’s sends brief message to France


Nando’s attached this message to a pigeon and sent it across the lines to the French camp, which mind you, is a complete mess Love it! [thanks Brian]

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USA beat England… Well according to the New York Post they did


You know how some Americans like to kind of make out like they are the greatest at pretty much everything?… Well on the odd occasion they get so caught up in their own dream world fantasies that to the real ...

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Nando’s Involved in Massive Coke Deal


While I’m on a bit of a personal protest against Nando’s UK and their ridiculous prices, as always I’m loving the vibe from Nando’s SA which doesn’t ever seem to become remotely dull… Check the bribe they’ve offered Uruguay for ...

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Nando’s Involved in Massive Mexican Bribery Scandal


Nando's have pitched a little bribe to the Mexican team and their supporters today… Haha Love it!… Make sure you read the small print   'Blogged from my beloved iPhone'   [Thanks Phreak]

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Boris Invites All South Africans to Trafalgar Square for WC Kick Off Event


Yip thats right, the main man of London, Mr. Boris Johnson sent out this message to all South Africans in London today…. If you are lucky enough to not be working tomorrow, I suggest you get you butts down to ...

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From Golf GTi’s to…. Vuvuzela’s!

Charou Vuvuzela

They got it fuggin covered right, right….. Apparently this was taken outside Standard Bank in Sandton yesterday… No further words required… but fuck I schmaak it! haha I bet it blerrie worked like a charm too [Thanks Lara]

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South Africa… Our Colour Shines Through

World Cup 2010 1

World Cup Fever is reaching epic proportions at the moment in South Africa. The atmosphere is reaching a height which none of us has ever seen or experienced ever before and for some of us including myself, can only dream of ...

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