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Elections2014: Ballot Papers Found Dumped in Pretoria


Ballot papers marked with an X on a particular party found dumped in a park in Pretoria News has just broken that the IEC is trying to establish the authenticity of plastic refuse bags full of ballot papers, that have ...

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Last Day To Register To Vote Overseas for SA Elections 2014

2014-02-07 07:18:43 +00001

If you haven’t registered to vote then you have only a few more hours to register because today is the last day to register, after then you will not be allowed to vote in Elections 2014 Today is the last ...

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Secrecy Bill Protest In London This Saturday


This Saturday 18th February 2012, South African's will once again make their way down to South Africa House in London to make their voices heard against the Protection of Information Bill in South Africa… Following the success of the first ...

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Are You Aware Of The Importance Of This Day In South Africa’s History?

Today is the 2 February 2012, a day that marks 22 years since an event that occured in South Africa that would completely change the course of South Africa's history… Twenty Two Years ago today, F.W. De Klerk announced the ...

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The Secrecy Bill Protest In London… The Aftermath

London Secrecy Bill Protest

Last Saturday 3rd December, around 100 passionate South Africans descended on the pavement outside South Africa House in Trafalgar Square in London, to make their voices heard and air their views of disapproval against the Protection Of Information / Secrecy ...

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South African Parliament Approves The Secrecy Bill – Have Your Say


22 November 2011 marks Black Tuesday in South Africa where the government approved the Protection Of Corruption Information Bill, have your say! A day which has come to be known as Black Tuesday in South Africa, where members of parliament ...

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What do you know about the “Protection of Information Bill” in South Africa?


You'll want to read this… "PROTECTION OF INFORMATION BILL"  –  Do you know what that is ??? For those of you avid News24.com or iol.co.za readers or those of you who just like to keep in the know regarding South ...

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