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Ballz Visual Radio Now Heating Up The FM Airwaves In Joburg!

Ballz Visual Radio have officially launched into the FM airwaves in Gauteng via Mix FM on 93.8... just another step to world domination!

BallzRadioPeople of Gauteng... your lives have just been enriched!It's no secret that I reckon Ballz Radio is the best radio station in South Africa, after being exclusively online since their launch, Darren Scott and the gang have now gone and done something that is going to cause other radio stations around the country to feel just a tad bit nervous... why? because they've gone flipping FM thats why!Whilst most FM radio stations probably felt somewhat safe in the past with Ballz Radio being online only, now, weekdays between 3pm and 6pm and 3pm and 8pm on Fridays you can tune into the awesomeness that is Ballz Radio driving in your car and just about anywhere you so please provided you have a radio of course 🙂At the moment MIX FM 93.6 covers Gauteng however I do reckon its just a matter of time before Ballz goes full blown national, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't... naturally us lot over here in the UK and the rest of the world will continue to listen online, not that we're too worried on this side to be honest, the way internet connectivity is advancing at such a rapid pace with no bandwidth limits etc, there's no need to be worried.. but given the fact that most people drive in South Africa instead of commuting on a train like us peasants, the need to have an FM broadcast in your car busting out the tunes through your 6x9's, is still a given at this stage.So if you're in Gauteng, make sure you tune into Ballz from 3pm on 93.8 FM, believe me, its won't be long before the Ballz Radio bug bites you, and bites you hard!Well done to the all hard working souls at Ballz Radio! ...To the end and beyond! 🙂Oddly enough I can't wait till I'm cruising around Jozi in my rental car in April listening to my favourite radio station on FM! Super kiff!Check out the pics from their first day in the Mix FM 93.8 studio on the Ballz Facebook page, of course give it a little schmaak while you're there!So load this mental note and think save...93.8 weekdays between 3pm and 6pm and 3pm and 8pm on Fridays... done!

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