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pic: Disney

Gareth Cliff Will Be On Disney’s Phineas and Ferb This Saturday – UPDATED

What do you do when you are Gareth Cliff and have one of South Africa's most well known TV and Radio voices?... well you use it to guest star on the Disney Channels Top Animated Series, thats what you do!... which is none other than the hilarious Phineas and Ferb...

pic: Disney

pic: Disney

If you tune into number one rated BAFTA nominated and Emmy Award winning animated comedy series, Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel (DSTV 308, Virgin Media 707, Sky 607) this Saturday, your ears may hone into the sound of a very familiar South African accent... well thats because South Africa's very own Gareth Cliff has lent his voice for a guest appearance on the show joining the ranks of other celebrities such as David Beckham, Ben Stiller, Michael J. Fox, Selena Gomez and even Slash believe it or not! Did you know Michelle Obama even schmaaks it stukkend!?! true story!Check out the behind the scenes look at Gareth Cliff's time on the show as the Ducky MoMo Salesman 🙂ha! nice David Beckham voice Senor Cliff... now lets hear you do Slash 🙂Not up to speed with the Phineas and Ferb awesomeness? come now... you should know this...Phineas and Ferb centres around the adventures of Phineas and his English stepbrother Ferb - played by British actor Thomas Sangster (Nanny McPhee, Love Actually) - who set out to conquer boredom and make every day of their 104-day summer holiday count, much to the annoyance of their older sister, Candace, played by Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical). The series is co-produced and created by Dan Povenmire (Family Guy) and Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh (The Simpsons).UPDATE: We apologise to Gareth and all his fans that his episode didn't air on Disney XD on Saturday. Could it have been Dr Doofenschmirtz's evil plan? Well, we're happy to confirm that Agent P has since come to the rescue and Gareth's special episode will now air on Disney XD on Saturday 23rd March at 09.45. Tune in tomorrow to watch!

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