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Real life Superheroes Rock Up And Do Some Awesome Stuff

Superheros, Batman, The Hulk and Spiderman rocked up to save a few days in South Africa but there's also something awesome happening on MNET...

A little while back, the folks over at @mnetmovies asked people what a superhero could do to brighten up their day. There were some rather interesting requests that ranged from Batman cooling down cyclists to The Hulk helping people parallel park their cars... well...this is how the Superheroes Rocked Up across Jozi, Cape Town and Durban… wait til you check what Spider Man does...naturally in true Spidy fashion of course 🙂NO WAYS!!! wasn't that?... no ways, it couldn't have been... yes it was!Super Tyson, South Africa's most favourite (and famous mind you) bulldog! Got Batman to take him for a walk just like he requested!superhero-tweet-tysonAnd how amazeballs was that Spider-Man swing at Moses Mabhida Stadium? The Amazing Spider-Man indeed!But whats the deal?These #Superheroes are rocking up this month, this time inside your TVs. Catch your favourite heroes EVERY night at 19:00 for the whole month of October, only on M-Net Movies Showcase (DSTV channel 108).To follow the action, keep your eyes locked on the @mnetmovies Twitter handle. They will be keeping us up to date with the #Superheroes movie schedule and insider info about the different heroes.

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