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Today Is Rex Manning Day!

Do you remember seeing the 1995 cult classic, Empire Records that had one of the most awesome soundtracks of soundtracks? then you will sure as hell remember how the movie was centred around Rex Manning Day... well today is Rex Manning Day!!!

But what exactly is Rex Manning Day in the greater scheme of things?Well to quote a line from the movie which explains it best..."We mustn't dwell. No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning Day!"Rex Manning Day is a F*** it day... a day to celebrate, you know, one of those glorious days when you just think...F*** it and let go of the handle bars 🙂like ... F*** it, I'm gonna live the dream!" "F*** it! hand me that bottle of Jack Daniels!" "F*** it, F*** just a glass just give me a bottle of wine?" "F*** it... lets do this!"Its a day when nothing can get you down, because if anything attempts to screw your day then...F*** it! I don't give a F*** because today is F***in Rex Manning Day!So let nothing break your stride today because nothing can...On Rex Manning Day!!! 🙂And in case you're wondering how we know that today, the 8th April is Rex Manning Day....observe the date on the poster from the scene where Joe opens the door to the store...
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I know I'll be getting a bag of popcorn ready and popping my copy of Empire Records into the DVD player at some point this evening to re-live the awesomeness that is Empire Records!Happy Rex Manning Day People!!!

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