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World’s First POV aka First Person movie, HARDCORE is about to be unleashed

The worlds first POV aka First Person Shooter action film is being unleashed, its called HARDCORE, and its looks nothing short of hardcore action at full tilt, plus its stars a particular familiar South African actor... Check out the trailer, its pretty damn nuts!

HARDCORE is a modern, action Sci-Fi story about an oke named HENRY, a cyborg robot dude thats brought back to life, who must save his missus and creator ESTELLE played by Haley Bennet, (ladies, do you see that, this chick made her own husband... boys, I think we're screwed haha) from the hands of a lunatic with telekinetic powers, AKAN (Danila Kozlovsky), and his army of mercs.  Fighting alongside Henry is JIMMY (South Africa's very own "fokken prawn" action hero himself, Sharlto Copley, yes the guy from District 9, if you didn't know), who is Henry's only hope to get him through the day. yes, Hardcore takes place over the course of one single day in Moscow, and it's all shot in the same style as "BAD MOTHERF*CKER" to be released in cinemas worldwide.Quite an interesting point is the actual rig they used to film the movie, its simply a head set with two GoPro's mounted in the front to give the pair of eyes effect which I'm guessing is probably also for 3D since that is pretty much a GoPro 3D rig. Simple, yet highly effective.HardcoreCameraRigHardcore is already premiering in different countries around the world so it won't be long before it hits the local circuits, I won't lie, I'm pretty amped to check it.One thing that is going to be rather interesting is when do a Google search for something "Hardcore Movie".... parents might want to make sure their Google SafeSearch is enabled hahaha 🙂Nice work guys, looks like its gonna be pretty damn epic! Hit me up when you do London premier 🙂Look out for the official movie posterHardcoreMovie   

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