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Commander Chris Hadfield Records Space Oddity From the International Space Station [video]

Commander Chris Hadfield has become the first person to record a song in space with his revision of David Bowie's Space Oddity whilst on board the International Space Station

Chris HadfieldIf you've been following Commander Chris Hadfield on Twitter for some time now, then I guess he doesn't need any introduction, you already know the guy is an absolute legend!, however if you're one of those folks who have seriously been missing out on countless bits of awesomeness, then let me just fill you in...Commander Chris Hadfield is has received BOSS status for quite a few things now, he's the first Canadian to orbit the earth, first Canadian to walk in space and his latest stunt, he's the first person to record a song in space as a farewell tribute before returning to earth from his stint on the International Space Station (ISS)... and trust me... he did it LIKE A BOSS!I started following "Sir" Chris Hadfield quite a while ago when he first docked on the ISS and started tweeting quite regularly from the vessel, at the time he had about 40K followers, today the oke has over 700k followers I was fascinated by the pics of the earth that he would tweet from space, aswell as the very interesting bits of knowledge he used to give about space and what goes on, on the ISS, truly thought-provoking stuff (which reminds me I remember wanting to do a post about him but never got around to it... sorry 🙂 ).Although I remember about 2 months ago he tweeted a pic of Pretoria but you can go through the trouble of digging that one out, however in one of his final tweets from space, he did take this awesome pic of the Western Cape that I retweeted today, or the Southwestern tip of Africa as he called it.... So obviously Sir Chris had to go be on his farewell from his stint on the ISS, and since he's quite a keen musician (there's been a few videos of him and his guitar jamming a few tunes in space) what better way that be the first person to record a full length cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity which is naturally quite fitting for the occasion... and he does it absolutely flipping brilliantly!Check this out! The video has racked up a whopping 2.7million views on Youtube... IN ONE DAY! and by the time you've read this its going to be a whole lot more!and if you really want to see how brilliant effing retarded humanity really is, then have a gaze at the comments on the video... and just shake your head... 🙂Sir Chris is scheduled to land in Kazakhstan in the early hours of this morning, so from me Sir, have a pleasant and safe re-entry, very honourable salute Sir!And I thought my friend Lisa was a pretty cool Canadian... sorry Lis, you've dropped down a spot 🙂

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