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Faithless are Insomniac Gods of DJ’s and still going strong!

You may remember way back in 1995, something big happened… well apart from The Springboks winning the World Cup, it was the year that unleashed '' onto virtually every dance floor known to mankind (except in , the local DJ just started playing it for the first time last Friday night, its gonna be big).

The song has been spinning on decks ever since and lost very little momentum over the past 15 years (crikey where have the years gone!) its been remixed over and over but never ever reaching the heights of the original. Its a song that just as the name says on the tin… Insomnia… the song that never sleeps.

Faithless is the brainchild of none other than ,, Sister Bliss and , absolute legends in my eyes who are never less known as pioneers of dance music, setting new standards and slotting straight in above fresh new artists, always adapting to the times or being the benchmark. They've come up through the years from strength to strength stopping no where short of being a household name to even the youngest of peepee jollers to the oldest of well hardened clubbers, even my ballie schmaaks it! I couldn't possibly count how many times I've squeaked a takkie to tracks such as Reverence, Insomnia, and , a personal favourite, bringing back fond memories when I think of each.

And so, would you believe it, after a bit of a break, they're banging at it once again and trust me, when you hear what's to come, you better grab hold of your socks… unless you're doing a Jim from American Pie, in which case, you will be holding your sock 🙂

Two avid PharSiders and personal friends of mine, Little Richie Crofts (I've known him a while, he ain't so little in anymore mind you) and , were at at the here in London in December to see Faithless live, and they just so happened to be interviewed for the latest Faithless promo video which was uploaded to Faithless's YouTube Channel this evening!

Check it out… Ricky seems to do all the talking but then Richie pipes up with some serious words of wisdom out of no where… Faithless should get in on the World Cup action in South Africa this year and push We Come 1 as a World Cup anthem, obviously not the official song which will probably be done by someone local (hopefully not good ol' Ras) or world music band for that matter, but its just a thought, use it don't use it…

Check the video out now… it ain't hard to miss Richie and Ricky… they're the only Saffa's in the video 🙂 (bottom left of the still)

Awesome stuff boys! Well said 🙂 
Ricky has pounded the Durban clubbing scene for years and years, it doesn't make me the least bit surprised to check him in this vid 🙂

And just one last thing… the song played in the video is what's to come called ""… can you handle! WOOT! WOOT! 🙂

Check out the official website here http://faithless.co.uk/


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